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Riley's Rows Store

My goal is to provide varietally correct, well made wines at an accesable price point. Enjoy!

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I extend the 10% Flanagan Member Discount to all my wines.

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Please reach out to me with any questions, or 707-326-4828


To celebrate starting full time and graduating Cal Poly I am offering a special case and 6-pack. I will be donating 21% of my profits to the Sonoma County 4C's.

To learn more about the 4C's please see their website here. 

Sauvignon Blanc


Riley's Rows Sauvignon Blanc

Sourced from the Redwood Valley Grape Ranch Dad farms in Mendocino my sauvignon blanc is consistenly a light and approachable wine with great acidity. I get notes of ruby red grapefruit and meyer lemon. Current vintage is 2019. 

Production notes: 2017, 2018, 2019



Riley's Rows Rosé

When I think about my rosé one word comes to mind: intentional. Made from 100% syrah and pressed off skins in the Provencal style this wine is not just an afterthought. Typically picked in mid-October from a cool climate site the fruit comes in with both chemical and flavor ripeness. The result is a low alcohol, fresh wine with a complete flavor profile. Current vintage is 2019.

Production notes: 2018, 2019



Riley's Rows Varietal Semillon

This ecclectic wine required lots of "research". With great minerality, notes of charentel melon, and salinity that is indicative of the varietal, my semillon is a fun and unique white. I joke that it's my "winter white". Current vintage is 2019.

Production notes: 2019



Riley's Rows "Baby Platt" Chardonnay

This wine is an honor to make. Sourced from the incredible Platt Vineyard on the Sonoma Coast I make this wine from the 'left overs" of the acclaimed winemakers who work with the site. Every year, there are a couple barrels that don't go into their final blends but are still great quality and I have a standing bid to buy them. I then get to put my own spin and style on it. My "Baby Platt" is citrus dominated on the palate but maintains great balance and minerality. Current vintage is 2018. 

Production notes: 2018



Riley's Rows Chardonnay

My goal with my chardonnay is to demonstrate my own style of what I like in a chard. Personally, I love the texture and balance oak fermentation provides but I prefer a more fruit forward and fresher flavor profile. To achive this, I ferment in used barrels rather than new. This results in a bright and fun wine with great acidity and a rounded mouthfeel. Current vintage is 2018. Production notes: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018


Cabernet Sauvignon


Riley's Rows Cabernet Sauvignon

I love Cabernet because it is a wine that stays with you. Naturally, I wanted to make a wine that could age well but at the same time could be enjoyed now (I'm not all that patient!). Aged in 60% new French Oak barrels, my cab is a balance of red fruits and spices. Current vintage is 2017. Production Notes: 2016, 2017, 2018

Red Blend


Riley's Rows 3x3 Red Blend 

Last Few Cases of 2017 Vintage Click here

2018 Vintage Click here

Made from a blend of merlot, syrah, and cabernet, my 3x3 blend is my go to for a night in. The merlot is the body of the wine and gives it red fruit notes and approachability. The syrah is the energy, lending the blend black pepper and intensity. The cab gives the wine a backbone and structure. The result is a balanced combination that is really fun to cook with and delicious on its own. Current vintage is 2018 (I only have a bit left of 2017). 

Production notes: 2016, 2017



Real wines with virtual Eric! (And sometimes Riley!)


For information on virtual and in person events click here. 

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