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If you are interested in any of the wines below, call or text Eric Flanagan

at 707-331-0617 or email

Flanagan Wines

- Members Only Wines -

In addition to our core member wines, we produce a handful of small lot single-vineyard wines. These wines are listed below. They are limited in access to our members, as supplies last. If you cannot find a wine you are interested in or are having issues with accessing your membership account please call us at 707-723-8800 or email

- - -

White Wines: Members Only

- Viognier

- Chardonnay, Bacigalupi Vineyard

- Chardonnay, Ritchie Vineyard

Red Wines: Members Only

- Pinot Noir, Gap's View Vineyard

- Pinot Noir, Ritchie Vineyard

- Pinot Noir, Sonoma Stage Vineyard

- Pinot Noir, Sun Chase Vineyard

- Merlot

- Serenity Way "Tête de Cuvée"

Platt Wines: Members are granted access to this very limited allocation by special invitation from Eric Flanagan. If you have interest in these wines and their release, call or text Eric at 707-331-0617 or email

- Chardonnay, Platt Vineyard

- Pinot Noir, Platt Vineyard

Riley's Rows Wines: Members are granted their 10% discount on all of Riley's Wines - see her current offerings here.